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  Custom Vacation Planning - Information to Know  

Custom Vacation Planning


Planning a custom vacation to far away destinations is an exciting and fun process. Some of our top destinations include Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France, Croatia, England, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, and Australia.

We take pride in building perfect vacation experiences for our clients.  Below is information on our process and what we include in our packages.


What is a custom itinerary?

Many of our clients enjoy fantastic pre-packaged guided tours, cruises, or all-inclusive vacations.  These are not considered custom itineraries.

But one-size does not fit all and some clients enjoy a more independent customized multi-city vacation.  

Our most common custom vacation includes experiencing multiple European cities.  An example might be visiting Londong, heading to Paris and then to Rome and ending in Barcelona. Other popular custom vacations include multi-destination trips within the US, Asia and South America.      


What do we include?

Airfare:  We only use regular economy or business class airfare.  We never include stripped down basic economy fares in our packages.  Basic economy in the end costs our clients more with add-ons and is an unpleasant travel experience.  We utilize the best possible flights with the shortest travel time and the appropriate connection times (not too short and not too long).

Hotels:  We utilize only hand selected hotels.  These hotels will be in centrally located parts of the city and most often include breakfast. Hotel selections have been vetted by us and/or our partners.  Our clients experience is our top priority, our suggestions are hotels we would stay in ourselves.

Rail:  Many of our itineraries (especially Europe) include rail transportation to your destination. Often time 1st class seating is not much more than standard seating.  We select the best value for our clients.​

Transfers:  This is often the most overlooked part of a vacation.  We schedule mostly private transfers between hotels, airports, and train stations.​

Tours:  We select optional tours based on your unique requirements.  Most of the tours we select will be small groups when available to give you the best experience.​​

Support:  In the rare instance there is a hiccup during your trip - we utilize suppliers that have after hours support.  We are also always here to support you via email, phone, or text.

We are committed to ensure your trip is perfectly planned and hassle free.


Can I just book this all online myself?

The average person spends hours and days searching the internet for their vacation. The information found is frequently confusing, inaccurate, and overwhelming.  At times you may be able to find some of the components of our custom itineraries online for less.  

Usually online pricing is not an apples to apples comparison.  For example; no breakfast, run of house accommodations, basic economy air, unrealistic air schedules, unreliable providers, and no support during your trip.

Experience the difference in using the expertise of a travel agent!


How do I get started?

We know that the cost of a custom itinerary may be an unknown for our clients. After our initial planning discussion, we will create a draft itinerary with an estimated budget at no cost to you. 

This draft itinerary will show transportation, level of hotels, and other components that are included in the itinerary. Many of our partners provide discounts of components that are included in a package, therefore we are unable to itemize pricing for our packages. We do not include flight times or hotel names in the draft itinerary.

Creating a well crafted custom itinerary can be a complicated process.  Additional details and revisions require a $200 non-refundable deposit. 

This deposit will be credited to your trip if booked within 45 days.


We look forward to building you the perfect dream vacation!

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